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Chinese Welcome KJV Bibles


New Translation Reaching Around the World

bible18-webThousands of freshly printed Chinese King James (CKJV) Bibles are having a great impact on the Chinese people. Not only Message Believers, but also other Christians around the world have embraced the new CKJV Bible. Christians of all walks are discovering the accuracy and poetry of the first Bible translated by Holy Ghost filled Believers of this hour and published by Bible Believers. It is even finding its way beyond denominational walls.

IMG_6112-webRecently, Brother Murphy received a call from China. To his surprise it was a Baptist missionary from the U.S. working in China for almost 12 years. He obtained the CKJV Bible online, purchasing five of them. He was very appreciative of the work and labor that was put into this great task. He said he is a firm believer of the KJV Bible and is so glad that in China now they have a Chinese version of it. He browsed our web site and discovered the faith we have in the End Time Message. He said, “I know we have some differences in doctrines, but just for the sake of the CKJV Bible I would like to work with you to get these Bibles to the people in China.”

bible01-webIn March of this year, Brother Murphy had the opportunity to speak at the convention in Leysin, Switzerland. During that time he spoke with Brother Jonatan Lerga from Croatia. As we mentioned the November 2015 issue of the Believers Faith Challenge Report, Brother Jonathan has developed much expertise in Facebook promotion of the Message and would like to help Bible Believers to promote the CKJV Bible on Facebook using the profile of Brother Branham and other social media. Already the effort has reached 16,416 people and it generated over 600 website clicks within the first 24 hours!

We have already started to receive calls from book stores in Canada. Through what channels they get the information from, we don’t know, but we do know one thing: our Lord is moving to get this Bible translation into the hands of His children!

While the Lord is moving in North America and Europe, He is also moving in China as well. The brothers in China have already sent the CKJV Bibles to the Bible schools, house churches, and three-self churches. More and more people are interested. The Seed has been planted and is bearing fruit.

To the believers of this Message, this Bible is a treasure. Here are some of the letters we have received from Chinese believers after they received and read the CKJV Bible:

Sister Zhou:
“When I received the CKJV Bible, the first impression of reading it is very smooth and easy to understand the meaning. I’ve never understood the Word of God so clearly! I was involved with a little bit of proofreading too. But when I proofread the Psalms I was deeply attracted by the translation and forgot about proofreading. Only after I read many chapters then realized I need to proofread. The more I read the more I feel so happy. I’m so thankful you translated this CKJV Bible.

Another thing is in the book of Job. I found out there are several animals named you translated literally such as behemoth (in Union Bible it’s hippopotamus) and leviathan (crocodile). I was so filled with deep respect when I read it because of your reverence to the Word of God. Instead of just giving it the presumed meaning you gave it the literal translation. Even when you just have one speck of uncertainty you wouldn’t want to presume and just take it for granted. This has impacted me so much. Thank you for your deep love and respect to the Word of God.

I love this CKJV Bible and love to read it. I’m right now reading it again from the beginning. I’m on Deuteronomy. These words are from my heart.”

Brother John:
“When I first received this CKJV Bible that BELONGS to me my heart was filled with joy and thanksgiving. I felt like a little child who received a gift from his father. The Word of God in this Bible has turned me from the wrong doctrine of denomination to the revealed Word in this hour. Especially when I read many of the verses translated exactly as the prophet has said in the Message my heart just became so excited. Like in the book of Ezekiel 8:2 the Union Bible said ‘as the colour of gold’ but the CKJV translated literally ‘colour of amber’ that’s exactly what the prophet described. Oh, praise the Lord!”

Brother Lu:
“When I compare the CKJV and Union I found there’s a strange spirit in the Union Bible because many important verses are not translated exactly as the original said. Such as in the New Testament Romans 16:1, I Timothy 3:11, the Union Bible translated woman deacon, but this is absolutely contrary with Paul’s teaching. When I looked into the CKJV, sure enough it said, ‘a servant of the church’ (Romans) and ‘their wives’ (I Timothy). No wonder many churches today use these verses to ordain woman pastors and woman deacons. All these wrongly translated verses leads me to think if there is a strange spirit purposely trying to hide something from the true believers.”

Sister Wang:
“First I was asked to check if there were any spelling mistakes when I read the CKJV Bible. But no sooner than I started to read it, then I was already overwhelmed by the translation. So instead of checking the mistakes, I was deeply gripped by the Word. I had to tell myself all the time that I’m supposed to check the ‘mistakes’.”

Brother Wu (Three-Self Church Minister):
“I have only been reading the CKJV Bible in the past few months.
1) When there is any difference I compare with the Union just paralleled with the CKJV, I found the CKJV is much better to understand
2) To compare both versions there are many discrepancies. Many verses doesn’t exist in Union.”

Brother David (Message Church Pastor):
“It was a little difficult for me at the beginning because I’ve been using Union Bible for years. So whenever a Bible verse comes to my mind it is always the Union version. But then I met with all the brothers and sisters in the church one weekend to read the CKJV. I found out the CKJV and the Message are so in harmony, just perfect! So because of the Message we understand the English KJV, and because of the Chinese KJV we say goodbye to the Union. We have never so understood the Prophet’s Message like we understand it now.”