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Introducing OpenMessageView – Version 1.0

Introducing OpenMessageView – Version 1.0


We are happy to announce the release of OpenMessageView 1.0! Developed by Brother Andrew Schuler of Divine Love Fellowship in Tucson, Arizona, this software is a significant milestone in the goal to make tools available for Believers to study the Message of the Hour in every language. Though in its the initial release, it contains the Message in 34 languages!

OpenMessageView (OMV) is a Microsoft Windows based application for searching and studying the Bible and the Message. It is powered by the Message Hub (http://messagehub.info), an online platform that provides access to translations of the Message in over 80 languages. OMV enables advanced search and study capabilities for the Bible and Message translations provided by the Message Hub.

The first release offers support for every language in the Message Hub but limits application language support (help text, menus etc.) to English and Spanish. It provides full text searching, cross references, and the ability to view languages side-by-side. Future plans include features such as; highlighting, subject tagging, search history, and many others.

OMV is provided free of charge and is under continual development.

To learn more visit:

Or email: software@lovedivinefellowship.com

Tutorial videos will soon be posted on YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQnwuEHBpJLkL16Z4n4U2eg


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