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New Print Station goes to work in Saigon, Vietnam


Brother Adrian Gray of New Zealand has recently returned from a trip to Vietnam, during which he set up a new print station to print Message books in Vietnamese. Print stations which were previously established by Bible Believers in Vietnam had served their purpose, but have since ceased to function.

Brother Tim Dodd of Bible Believers recommended a printer for overseas conditions earlier in the year, concerned believers donated funds, and as a result a printer was purchased and put to work.

The printer was set up in a sister’s apartment in Saigon, and “The Revelation of the Seven Seals” has been printed and sent out, as well as a few other sermons Brother Branham preached. The believers are now starting printing of the Church Age Book, as well as “Who is this Melchisedec,” and other sermons. Costs are $240 US per 800 books which include paper, toner, binding and postage.

Messages are also available in Vietnamese on the Message Hub Mobile app, which will allow any Android user to access them. At this time, 567 translated Messages are posted on the Message Hub web site. Brother Gray and his co-workers have also sent out hundreds Micro-SD cards, which each contain about 650 Messages.

All of this sowing is sure to reap a harvest in the days ahead, as the seed finds good soil in the heart of the reader.