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Pastor Yage Lui: Miracles Abound in China

Pastor Yage Lui: Miracles Abound in China


On July 26 Bro Yage Liu from China shared many amazing testimonies of the power of this Message at a service at Cloverdale Bibleway. Since leaving his denomination and accepting the Message, Brother Liu has witnessed the transforming power of the Word in his own life, his daughter’s life, and in his congregation. He recounted several wonderful testimonies of people who were healed of female trouble and stomach trouble as the Word was preached in power and in truth.

“When you share the truth of this hour, then the signs and miracles will follow. This Message is a manifestation of the Book of Acts in this hour,” Brother Liu observed.

He shared many instances where God honoured the faith of believers miraculously.  A seven-year old boy who had bed-wetted from birth confessed and received his healing the night after he was prayed for despite the doctor’s statements that he could never be healed. One sister was miraculously reunited with her family. She had been missing for over a year, and was found once believers called on the Lord. He has seen many people receive their healing after being prayed for with a prayer cloth. Brother Liu emphasized that it was the people’s faith that produced the healing.

One brother, a computer programmer, has energized the spread of the Message by creating a website for the church in Chinese and Japanese, with streaming available across the globe.

“If the Lord lays something on your heart, just do it,” said Brother Liu. “God is preparing a church for the rapture. If we keep in this Message, then we will find that the rapture is actually an easy thing.”

God has tremendously blessed the ministry of Brother Liu in China with resources and fruits.