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Print Stations: Spreading the Message

Print Stations: Spreading the Message


Since the beginning of the Message Hub in 2007 (www.messagehub.info), Bible Believers has encouraged the establishing of print stations around the world. Message books simply are the easiest way to share a single message with someone.

Print Station in Ethiopia

Many Believers in churches small and large have come to rely on these small, portable, inexpensive print stations as their source of printed Message books. There is no need to print a large quantity of books at a commercial printer, nor is there a necessity to ship books at great expense. Now a local pastor or a number of churches banding together can print whatever titles they want, when they need them, in quantities that meet the local need. No waiting for a finished and proofread translation to be printed, it becomes available and ready for distribution immediately.

The utility of the print station continues to grow in popularity amongst Believers. Recently, print stations have been established in Latvia (see Nov 2016 BFCR), Angola (See Nov 2016 BFCR), Ethiopia (see page 2), Myanmar (see page 7), Vietnam, Rwanda, Congo, China, even the USA and Canada, to name a few countries. As Bible Believers is not the only sponsor of print stations, there are many more places around the world that are receiving print stations that we are not aware of.

Print Station in Latvia

In China, there is a group of African students that believe the Message of the Hour, that desired access to books. They wanted to read them, and to witness to their fellow students. The obvious solution was a print station. Now they can print the Message in English, French, Chinese, or any other language they need, when they need it.

Believers in Rwanda embarked on a translation effort in 2016. They desired to format and print their books and needed a print station. One was provided by Bible Believers.

Believers in Malawi use a print station to print both English and Chichewa language messages.

Print Station in Chile

In South America, many print stations are in service in many countries, thanks to the efforts of Believers in Trinidad. Brother Richard Sieunath has made many trips carrying print stations and establishing them in churches that would best supply the needs in a country.

We could go on with details, but everywhere it is the same. Books are made available at low cost, through the volunteer effort of local Believers. Shipping is usually not an issue as the print stations provide books for a local area, and local pastors and individuals are able to request their own books and receive them personally by picking them up. With the support and prayers of Believers around the world, Bible Believers continues to put forth this important effort.