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Spiritual Food Arrives in Uganda

Spiritual Food Arrives in Uganda


Natural food may be in short supply in the aggressive lockdown that is smothering Uganda, but Spiritual food continues to be available, thanks to your ongoing support. On December 18, 2019, a team of 5 translators and proof readers was added to the existing effort of Bro Fred Kiyingi to translate the sermons of Brother Branham into Luganda. This enhances the availability of these words of life for tens of thousands of new Believers, as well as the many Believers already in existing Message churches. Brother Talemwa Busobozi, who helped set up the team says this:

Brother Busobozi at the Bible Believers Office in Kampala

“We currently have a team of 5 translators/proof readers. Our team I can say consists of some of the best that our country has to offer. We bought and furnished them with a laptop and other working materials each…For the past 3 months, a total of 31 (and counting) messages with over 17 (and counting) currently published and these on the waiting list for printing.”

The sermons that are published to the Message Hub are immediately available on the internet, and many Believers who are stuck in lock-down still have an internet connection, and can access them. These resources are also extremely valuable to the newly baptized Pastors, who must now lead their flocks in fresh pastures.

Translating Messages into the native language of Luganda is important, for there is still a significant population in the country that either does not speak English, or has very limited skills. Approximately 8 Million of the 43 Million people living in Uganda speak or understand Luganda, and many people who speak one of the smaller tribal languages can also understand Luganda. Though computers are in short supply, these Luganda Messages can also be accessed via the Message Hub Mobile App. READ MORE  Many Believers in third world countries like Uganda now have these devices, making the Message more available to them than ever before. 112 Messages are now available on the Message Hub in Luganda.

The Radio Broadcast Continues

The radio program that sparked the current revival continues to broadcast the Message out in the native language of Luganda. As millions of people are now stuck in their homes, we can only wonder how many of them are tuning in to the broadcast for the first time. As we have learned from translators and Believers in other places, hearing the Message in your own language is different. It goes directly to the heart, and does not sound like some foreign import from a far away land. Removing a language barrier also removes an assumed cultural barrier, and hungry souls realize this Message strikes at their deepest spiritual needs.

Brother Fred Kiyingi, Left, Preparing converts for Baptism

10,000 Church Ages Books Awaiting Distribution

Recent Church Ages Book Distribution

As the Message continues to broadcast out over the airwaves, and new translations are added to the Message Hub, 10,000 copies of the Church Ages Book are in storage on the ground in the Bible Believers Office in Kampala, awaiting shipment. The first shipment of 5000 was used up quickly. As soon as the lock-down lifts, these books will be released to the new believers, flooding the field with the important stabilizing teaching that only the Church Ages Book can bring. Getting the Chinese printed books into the country is an obstacle course of logistics and regulations, and it is a great blessing that the books have now passed every snag. Please pray that the books will soon be released to the people.

Lugandan Church Age Books Arrive

Like many countries, the COVID-19 crisis has hit Ugandans hard, especially those who did not have a surplus of food and basic necessities. Refrigeration of perishables is not always available in remote areas, and once the food is gone, there are few options. Please pray that the Believers Uganda and in other similar countries will be both supplied and protected from disease.

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