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Message Hub App Now Available in iOS!


Making the Message of the Hour available to every person has been the primary vision of Bible Believers since its inception.  As technology has changed, new avenues for getting the Message out have emerged.  

Distributing the Message via electronic devices sidesteps many logistical challenges posed by printed books, and is much less costly.  Though paper books continue to be important in many places, even in poor countries smartphones are available, and growing in usage.  

According to estimates, there are over 900 million IOS devices in use worldwide, with Apple reporting 1.4 Billion devices registered as active.  Android users have long been enjoying the benefits of the Message Hub Mobile App (MHM), with its many languages and handy search functions and links.  But until now, there was no App available for iPhone users.

Through an effort involving several workers over a 3 year period, we are happy to announce that the first iOS version of the Message Hub Mobile App is now available for free download.  This means that 925 Billion iOS Users can now download the MHM for free, from the Apple App Store.  Android users can continue to download the App for free from Google Play.

Although currently only English is available for the iOS version of the MHM soon the 28 languages currently available for Android will be loaded.  As more translations are finished, they are made available on the App through updates.  The search features that link the Bible and the Message are also available in these languages.

If you have not yet tried the Message Hub Mobile App, feel free to download it here:

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