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Afrikaans and Latvian Languages Released on Message Hub Mobile

Afrikaans and Latvian Languages Released on Message Hub Mobile


The release of languages on the Message Hub Mobile App immediately makes Messages available to many Believers, who would not otherwise have them. In past efforts, it could take years for a translated message to be printed and distributed in a foreign country. The Message Hub Website has improved that situation by making a translated Message available for viewing and downloading as soon as it is complete. Add a Print Station, which can be hosted in a small office with a computer that has internet access, and the Messages posted on messagehub.info can be used to make paper copies instantly, in small quantities, and multiple formats.

But what of those Believers who do not have even these resources?  It turns out there are many in this situation. In poor countries, a desktop computer is a luxury that is simply out of reach. But a smartphone, even if it is not the latest, might be in reach.  The Message Hub Mobile App puts the translated electronic Messages directly into the hands of such Believers.

Over the past several years, a team has been working diligently to translate Messages into Afrikaans, a primary native language spoken in South Africa. Now 134 much needed Messages are available, on the Message Hub Mobile App, making them instantly available to thousands of Believers. This team utilized mostly the Easy Translate tool for translators. This AI assisted tool has become popular amongst some of the newer translators, working in various languages for the first time.

Also newly available on the Message Hub Mobile App are 74 Messages in the Latvian language. Though Latvia is a small country dedicated translators have worked diligently to make this possible.

Support from concerned Believers have made this possible, and thousands of Believers will now benefit from having their language available electronically.

The Message Hub Mobile App is available for free at Google Play, and the IOS App Store.