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The Pardon


Language: English

Runtime: 51 minutes

Year Produced: 2001


During the American Civil War a young soldier panics in the heat of battle and flees for his life. The charge is desertion. The penalty is death. Will he pay the ultimate price for his choice?


Bro. Branham refers to the supreme court ruling on pardons several times throughout the message, in varying renditions. The re-telling we chose to illustrate is based on Bro. Branham’s sermon Pardon 28 October, 1963.


Corp. Jonathan Brooks

Matthew Ardiel

Mrs. Brooks

Celina Kuemper


Hannah LeRoux


Ricardo Gonzales

Pvt. Gabriel

Philip Ashdown

Prison Guard

John Andes


Ken Ardiel

Abraham Lincoln

David Cheberinoff

Mary Lincoln

Katie Clement