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The Salt of the Earth


Language: English

Runtime: 62 minutes

Year Produced: 2002


Hannah Lou is a real Christian. Her husband, Bill, is an alcoholic who prefers to spend time at the bar rather than at home where his conscience is troubled by his gentle wife. One night at the saloon a conversation gets started about the hypocrisy of Christianity, and Bill declares his wife to be a true Christian, and that nothing can shake her. Determined to carry his point, he packs his rowdy friends home to challenge Hannah Lou.


This retelling is based on a story Bro. Branham tells about a godly wife fulfilling Matthew 5:13. The original text is found in Questions and Answers 30 August, 1964 and again in Ashamed 11 July, 1965.


Mrs. Temple

Corrine Clement

Hannah Lou

Hannah LeRoux


Matthew Ardiel

Holly/ Barmaid

Celina Kuemper

Tera/ Barmaid

Margaret Florent

Prissy/ Barmaid

Katie Clement

Trevor/ Pricipal McBride/ Sheriff

Kyle Kuemper


Nathaniel Laws

High School Student/ Barmaid

Leshia Harp


Jon Bergen


Ricardo Gonzales

Basketball Boy/ Bartender

Rieghardt Van Enter

High School Students/ Rednecks

William Drake

Joel Kuemper

Stephen Kuemper

Redneck Friends

Abigail Rae

Elizabeth Nowakowski

High School Students

Florence Dooley

Dianna Ivanenko

Amanda Maritz

Greg Nowakowski

Malwina Nowakowski