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The Great Race


Language: English

Runtime: 60 minutes

Year Produced: 2002


The McTavish family firmly believes that everything you do should be done to bring glory to God. William McTavish runs every race with that goal in mind, and trains with intensity so as not to let his testimony slip. His diligence and winning streak made him the representative of Scotland in the Rome Olympic Games. When William’s event is scheduled for a Sunday, he is faced with a very serious decision. His nation’s reputation and his own personal faith are at stake. What can he do?


This re-telling of the legend of Eric Liddell is combined with Hebrews 12:1-2. Eric Liddell (16 January 1902 – 21 February 1945) was a Scottish athlete, rugby union international player, and missionary who refused to run in the 1924 Paris Olympics 100m heats because they were held on a Sunday.


Apostle Paul

Don Alexander


Grecian Nowakowski


Sam Rae


Jason Ashdown

Martin Luther

Aaron Buccholz

John Wesley

Jon Bergen

William Branham

John Andes

Maggie Pye

Corrine Clement

Mr. Douglas McTavish

Rieghardt Van Enter

Mrs. McTavish

Heidi White

Ratswell Templeton

Ken Ardiel

Scarlett Flambe

Celina Kuemper

William McTavish

Matthew Ardiel


Katie Clement

Coach Dunsmuir

Ricardo Gonzales

Prince of Wales

Chris Maritz


Tyler Rilkoff


Sharon Andes

Amanda Clement