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William Tyndale – God’s Outlaw


Language: English

Runtime: 63 minutes

Year Produced: 2004


Mme Tussaud has outdone herself! Her lifelike wax figures move and speak to share their story: an epic tale of one man determined to give God’s Word to the common people, in their own language. He will have to rebel against the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, and the King, even to the point of hazarding his life. Is the pen mightier than the sword after all?


1494-1536 William Tyndale was the first to translate the Old and New Testaments into English directly from the Hebrew and Greek. Tyndale was martyred for his translation work. His last words were, “God, please open the King of England’s eyes.” He was then hanged and his body was set afire. His request was granted 68 years later, in 1604, when King James authorized the first ever legal English Bible.

Over 85% of the authorized KJV Bible is taken directly from Tyndale’s translation.


William Tyndale

Matthew Ardiel

Madame Tussaud

Judy Alexander


Celina Kuemper

King Henry VIII

Michael Rae

Lady Anne Boleyn

Katie Clement

Thomas Poyntz

Ken Ardiel

Cardinal Wolsey

Nathanael Laws

Henry Phillips

Ricardo Gonzales


Mitch & Stephen Kuemper

Little Girl


Lord Strudwick

Rieghardt Van Enter


Florence Dooley

Brenda Degouveia

Kyle Kuemper

Geneva Dehkurdi

Abigail Rae