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Uganda Radio Broadcast Update

Uganda Radio Broadcast Update


There have been some wonderful developments in the Radio Broadcast that is operating in Uganda under the leadership of Brother Stephen Ibale.

Brother Stephen Ibale with Brother Lutaya, an engineer who also owns a radio station. He came into contact with the Message via the Radio Broadcast. Brother Ibale has spent many hours expounding on the Word with Brother Lutaya.

The Radio Broadcast has been a tool that has been used to get the Message to people that cannot read. It has had an impact on all peoples whether illiterate or not. When people hear the broadcast and contact the Brothers by phone or email, they receive a disk of the entire translated sermon of Brother Branham, of which a portion was played on the radio. They are also referred to the pastor in the local area for follow-up. This has been very effective, and many souls have been baptized in the last year.

In our last report we mentioned an entire church that embraced the Message of the Hour, though it cost them their place of worship. We are glad to report that Brother Elisa and his church now have a piece of property and are in the midst of building a church, all provided for by Believers around the world. There is also another group that has sprung up under Brother Elisa; this group is about 20 in number. As God’s prophet said, “Christianity just goes from one to another. How many souls you won since you’ve been a Christian? If you’re not winning souls, you’re guilty. You’re barren; you’ve brought shame on the church and the Gospel.” While in North America winning one soul can be such a momentous victory, your support has made these tremendous victories in Uganda possible.

Brother Stephen (middle) with Brother Joseph (at right), a pastor that was baptised some time ago through the radio broadcast. They have been witnessing to Brother Ronald (at left) who is also a pastor.

Though many souls have been reached through the Radio Broadcast that is fully underwritten by us with your support, there has been an expansion to this ministry. Another station has given one hour to the Believers. This is on Thursday afternoon. Still another station has now begun to broadcast the services of the Jinja Church. This runs for several hours in the morning each Sunday. In the Jinja church alone there have been 14 baptisms in the last six months.

Through this all we praise God for His provision in getting the Message out in Uganda.

Recently we received a report from Brother Sempa who assists Brother Ibale in running the original broadcast in the Lugandan language.

He writes:
“Individually, it has expanded and has made my ministry grow as it has attracted more followers.

  • We receive many positive calls whenever on air and also off air, from people appreciating the message to the extent that others invite us to open churches in their respective locations throughout the central, L. Victoria Islands and the eastern regions.
  • We have so far baptized many converts, about 10 in my church alone. These are above and beyond those we have directed to the closest churches in their respective areas.
  • We have managed to send books and CD’s to the many who requested.
    In my area it has helped me create house to house fellowship which we call “Home Cells” or “Home Altars” and new converts have been fished in the process.”

With all those achievements to the Body of Christ we would like to commend all sponsors to God’s abundant blessings.

The Message continues to go out over radio by your support. The original broadcast on Friday evening involves many Brothers in Uganda doing translation, voice recording, editing and the broadcast itself. All of them need your prayers. Each soul that comes in during the few days we have left before a rapture represents a great victory which each member of this team has a part to play. You are part of that team.