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Chinese/English Version of CKJV Printed!

Chinese/English Version of CKJV Printed!
Chinese/English CKJV Bible

By God’s grace the new Chinese/English bilingual King James Bible Version (CKJV) is now printed! This will supply the increasing demand of Christians both in China and overseas. This is the second edition of the CKJV, the first edition was printed and published in 2015 and has the Chinese King James parallel with the Chinese Union Bible.

Our great burden has been for God to use this Bible to introduce the Message of the Hour. We were unsure how this could be done, then the Lord showed us how He is sovereignly doing it.

When Brother Murphy was in China a few months ago, he met a couple of “Three-Self” pastors that had received copies of the CKJV Bible. After they learned from a brother that one of the translators of the CKJV Bible was currently in China, they met with Brother Murphy. As they spoke together about the differences between the King James Bible and Union Bible, one of the pastors expressed that the new translation was very good and it had helped him to better understand the Word of God. He said, however, that it would be even better if we could include some commentary on the CKJV. Brother Murphy told him that we were just translating the Bible and not interpreting the Bible, so we didn’t include any commentary.

After some fellowship, Brother Murphy and the “Three-Self” pastors went out for dinner. The pastor, during dinner, repeated again that it would be really wonderful to have a great theologian’s commentary included with this Bible. Brother Murphy apologized and again told him that we were only translating this Bible, not interpreting it.

When dinner was complete and they were travelling back to the hotel, this pastor repeated for the third time, how good it would be if we could have some commentary on this Bible. All of a sudden the Message Hub Mobile App came to Brother Murphy’s mind. This is an application that links Brother Branham’s Message as “commentary” to the Scriptures. Quickly he told this pastor, “Yes, we do have a commentary for the Bible by a ‘theologian’. Actually this ‘theologian’ is the greatest in all of history. His name is William Branham. He has a whole commentary of the Bible.” This pastor was so excited and ask if Brother Murphy could help him to load the app to his Android phone. Brother Murphy did so, and demonstrated how to use it by just clicking the blue number beside the scripture verse in the app and how it links to the ‘commentary’ of the Message. The pastor exclaimed, “My, that’s wonderful! I’ve been looking for this for a long time. That will make my preaching so much easier by just cutting and pasting.” Brother Murphy replied, “That’s exactly! I do that all the time.” Oh how sovereign our God is, that He was determined to let this man have this greatest “theologian’s commentary”. We were wondering how to bring this Message to the people through this Bible, but now God has showed us how He is doing it sovereignly. Praise be to His name!

The Brothers in China have been working tirelessly and faithfully to bring this CKJV Bible to all the denominational churches in China since it was published. Seeing how God has sovereignly opened up doors to bring this End Time Message through this Bible has been very encouraging. Using all the tools that they can, the Brothers continue to spread the news that the most accurate CKJV Bible is now available to the people in China. Some use online stores, some use social media, some go to the denominational churches through their connections, some go to their former Bible schools that they used to study at before they received the Message. Some even witness to the people they work with, that now we have the most accurate Bible. The Lord has opened doors that never would have been possible before. This CKJV Bible has reached Bible schools, Three-Self churches, and house churches. What God has done and is doing is far beyond what we ever imagined.

One Brother in China made an online group using social media to connect together those who have bought the CKJV Bible. The Brothers discuss various verses online, then they gradually introduce the Message through it. Many people are hearing the Message for the first time because of this. Some pastors in China, both from Three-Self and house churches, are now asking if they can meet us the next time we go to China.

Recently one Message pastor in China went to a house church and preached to them because the pastor of that church received a CKJV Bible. The congregation gladly received him. The Brother preached the Message and the pastor of the house church was very affected. He said he would try his best to get this CKJV Bible to all the churches he is associated with, and he also asked if the Brother could come more often to preach.