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Update from Cambodia

Update from Cambodia


Cambodia-Samuel-Thapa-&-Paul-Lythonghour-Cambodia-Pastor-&-EvangelistIt was with great joy this past June that Brother Nestor Espanola from the Philippines travelled to Cambodia to ordain two brothers into the ministry. Brother Samuel and Brother Paul were both ordained, the former taking the position of pastor in the local church. These two brothers would be the first two ministers from the local people ordained to preach this glorious Message in Cambodia. This has been a long process of planting, watering, and patiently waiting for God to bring the increase. How wonderful it is that the Message has taken root in that country.

Cambodia-New-MotorbikeWith a newly supplied motorcycle both of these brothers travel hundreds of kilometers to spread the Message in Cambodia. Though their congregation, which they are both a part of, is small (consisting of less than 10 Believers), the Lord is drawing the attention of many around the country to this Message.

One of the great needs is translation. Thankfully both brothers are educated and are able to commit sufficient time to translate Brother Branham’s sermons into the local language, Khmer. While they travel they deliver the newly translated messages to many churches, pastors, and interested people around the country. To date there are over 100 Khmer translations on the Message Hub, which is truly a great success story considering the few years this work has been going on.

While on his journey, Brother Nestor was able to minister to many denominational Christians. The Word of this Hour is opening spiritual eyes and bringing people out of systems into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

Please pray for these brothers and their fledgling work. While it is largely supported by Believers Christian Fellowship in Ohio, donations can be sent through Bible Believers for the work in Cambodia.