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Chinese KJV Bible Released!

Chinese KJV Bible Released!


A Triumph and a Treasure

China Bible Open 2x3The development of this Chinese King James Bible is the result of the careful and prayerful cooperation by many. Believers in China noticed that the existing Chinese “Union Bible” contained many differences from the Bible Brother Branham quoted.
They recorded the differences as they came across them. They also discovered that a group of denominational Christians in Hong Kong had noticed some omissions in the “Union Bible”, and had attempted a translation. In 2011, Bible Believers, taking this version as a starting point, began working to improve it. The first revision was finished in 2012, but the Bible is no normal book; accuracy is paramount. A review by many eyes was necessary to create a version not only worthy of the original English King James Version, but also worthy of the many believers who would depend on it for Spiritual guidance.

Over the next two years the team reviewed the entire draft at least three more times, cover to cover, consulting also with native English speakers to be certain of the sense of each passage. Still not complete, the draft was sent for review to a larger team of native Chinese speakers. The King James Version was placed side by side with the Union Bible, and carefully reviewed. More than 20 believers examined the draft, including Pastors, Ministers, Message Translators, University English Teachers who believe the Message, and other Believers both in China and North America. Every person involved was a Message Believer. Deep respect for the timeless Truth of the scriptures dominated the atmosphere.

The final draft that emerged was not rushed, but was bathed in prayer, and was reviewed by many reverent, sanctified eyes. Knowing they were handling the spiritual lifeline of millions of future readers, the process was allowed to come to full maturity. Truly the making of the Chinese King James Bible was a team effort, and the final result can be received with confidence that the utmost care has been taken to deliver the most accurate rendering possible.
For final publishing, it was decided to place the Union Bible and the Chinese King James Version side by side in one volume, providing the reader with full disclosure of what has been altered and where. Readers will see that where the Union Bible was in agreement with the King James Version, its language has been left untouched. Interestingly, this was also the policy of the English King James translators of 1611, who modified the Bishop’s Bible only where necessary.

China Bible Stacked and Open 72dpiA government approved printer has been selected for the initial publication, and we are happy to announce that the Chinese King James Bible is off the press and ready for use!

The release of the Chinese King James Bible is truly a triumph of faith and cooperation, a treasure that every Chinese believer may welcome with joy. The Union Bible New Testament is a translation based primarily on only TWO ancient manuscripts, and has many omissions. But the King James Version is based on the agreement of over 5000 ancient manuscripts. Finally, a full 400 years after the English King James version was released, the Chinese people have available to them in their own language ALL the words that have been traditionally handed down to the Protestant church.

The success of the English King James Bible has been legendary, as God poured out a blessing upon it that placed it in the center of every spiritual revival in the English speaking world for the next 400 years. We hope and expect the same will be true in China. The King James Bible was the choice of William Branham, placing him as the latest in a long stream of anointed ministers who made the same choice.

“I’m satisfied to take the King James…It’s waved the storms longer than any translation yet, and I just believe it that way.”
Israel and the Church, 53-0325

Praise be to God that now the Chinese speaking people have their very own copy of the most anointed Bible version ever produced.

Historical Note:

When the translators for the English King James Bible convened in 1604, it was the culmination of a process. A group of believers known as the Puritans had become increasingly unsatisfied with the “Bishop’s Bible,” then in use, finding flaws in it, and crying for reform both of it, and of the whole Church of England. This pattern has repeated in China.

The Bishop’s Bible, like other Bibles of the time, was based largely on the translation of one man, William Tyndale, and his effort was inspired by the earlier work of John Wycliff. Though these men were anointed for their work, no single individual had sufficient perspective to produce the kind of Bible translation the masses were crying for.

The King James Version ended up being the work of 47 scholars, working for 7 years, commissioned to carefully review every sentence, phrase, and word, for both accuracy and prose. The translators did not make a new translation from the very beginning. The words of prior English Bibles rang loudly in the ears of churchmen, and these versions were consulted to maintain harmony of style. The King James Version ended up being a revision of many earlier English Bibles. It is claimed that over 90% of the final language is pure Tyndale, an astonishing compliment to his work, but the revision and correction of the other 10% was indispensable.

Though not intentional, the development of the Chinese King James Bible had many similarities.