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Spiritual Awakening in Southeast Asia

Spiritual Awakening in Southeast Asia


The Thai language now has 12 Messages posted on the Message Hub, and not a moment too soon, for there is a stir happening in many countries in Southeast Asia.  As often is the case, the availability of the Word and the revival go hand in hand.   Brother Vernon Manahan reports on a recent trip through Thailand, and other surrounding nations, where he found a great openness to the Message of the Hour.  A series of four sessions were conducted teaching the Message to eight Ministers from Laos led by Brother Bounmi. These Ministers have established fourteen Message churches in their country. One of the ministers testified that a few months ago they baptized forty three new converts in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Denominational pastors are opening their pulpits to these Brethren and the anointed Word for our day they are bringing.  Small groups of Message believers are springing up and fellowshipping together. At present, Brother Bounmi is continuously translating the Message.

In neighboring Cambodia, a new church has risen up in just two years, comprised mostly of young people, full of zeal.  In early November, five churches joined together for the first ever Message camp-meeting in Cambodia, attended by many young people.  The success of this camp caused the local ministers and elders to immediately begin plans for a second camp next year.

The language of Cambodia is Khmer and there are over 100 Khmer translations on the Message Hub for these new Believers to feed on. The brethren in Cambodia continue to add to these translations in a very important work to make the Message of the Hour available to the Believers in their local language.

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