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New Missions Podcast: Unboxing the latest Believers Faith Challenge Report

The May 2022 Believers Faith Challenge Report is here! Exciting reports on the progress of the Word in Uganda, Angola, Ethiopia, China, and more. In this podcast Brother Tim Dodd also shares details about his trips over the past 6 months, and how the Believers are prospering coming out of the Covid 19 shutdown.  Related [...]

Six New Churches Completed in Uganda

We are happy to report that the construction of 6 new church structures in Uganda has been completed in the month of June. New Believers in the villages of Kangulumira, Kyebanja, Makbuye, Nakawa, Wabusonko, and Zengede now have a shelter from the elements to gather for worship, and to be strengthened in the Truths of [...]

Missions Podcast: China: Brothers Released from Prison

In this episode, Brother Tim Dodd talks to Brother Murphy Wong about the situation in China, and the blessed announcement that all four Brothers have been released from prison after serving their terms. Though they are out, they left a testimony behind them of God’s miraculous care, and the fruit of their witnessing to other [...]

2 New Languages Released on the Message Hub

We are pleased to announce that Karamojong (Uganda), and Kirundi (Burundi) have been added to the Message Hub website. This brings the total number of languages on the Message Hub to 85. The release of languages on the Message Hub Website immediately makes the translated sermons of William Marrion Branham available Believers worldwide. In past efforts, [...]

Complete! New Church Building in Kimaga, Uganda

On October 27th of 2017 we reported of a mighty stir in Uganda, in which 60 people were baptized in one weekend. (See Post) From this initial sowing, a crop of saints has continued to grow.  Removed from their previous churches, the new Believers desperately needed a place to meet.  With our help, land was […]

Podcast: Sovereign Grace Abounds in Ethiopia

In this episode Brother Tim Dodd reports again from Ethiopia, where campaigns in the very religious city of Hawassa have now concluded. In a conversation that took place in the car just after the meetings, Brother Tim and Pastor Moges Engida testify how more baptisms are still arising out of the convention in Addis Ababa, even as the campaign [...]