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Translation: Believers in Botswana receive Message books in local language!

Nothing beats receiving the Message of this Hour in one’s language. For Believers in Botswana, that’s worth more than gold! 500 Message books each of  Satan’s Eden and Events Made Clear By Prophecy, were recently printed in Setswana, the national language of Botswana - a country with nearly 2.5 million people.   These books were [...]

Uganda: Conversations from Karamoja

During Bro. Michael's trip to Uganda, he was able to interview several pastors in the Karamoja region expressing their appreciation for the translation and printing effort. It is a blessing to hear directly from these remote regions of the impact of getting the Message books into their hands, in their language. Bible Believers continues the [...]

Podcast: Fearless Believers in China: with Brother Murphy Wong

In this podcast Brother Murphy Wong shares testimonies which reveal the maturity of the Believers in China. Evidence abounds, from their active witnessing in the face of persecution and jail, to miraculous healings. Bro Murphy shares one outstanding testimony a Brother completely healed of cancer. The Chinese Believers have also been contributing to Missions work [...]

New Yoruba Translations

There are few things as thrilling as seeing Believers receive the Message in their language. In many countries of the world, English is spoken by many, and may even be the national language, but there may be a significant portion that can only receive the Message in their native tongue. Nigeria is just such a [...]

Complete! New Church Building in Kimaga, Uganda

On October 27th of 2017 we reported of a mighty stir in Uganda, in which 60 people were baptized in one weekend. (See Post) From this initial sowing, a crop of saints has continued to grow.  Removed from their previous churches, the new Believers desperately needed a place to meet.  With our help, land was […]

A Fruitful Outreach in Ethiopia Part 2, with Brother Moges Engida

In this episode, Brother Tim Dodd continues his interview with Pastor Moges Engida, from Ethiopia. Many testimonies followed an outreach trip he and a team from his church took to cities south of Addis Ababa. In those places, people had discovered and were reading the newly translated Church Ages Book in Amharic. The first printing [...]