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The Great Invitation


Language: English

Runtime: 65 minutes

Year Produced: 2013


The Kingdom of Rapture is buzzing with the news that the Prince, home from his travels, is engaged to a girl without wealth or title: a commoner. His father, the King, enthusiastically pronounces his blessing on the upcoming wedding. He sends the Royal Messenger throughout the Kingdom to issue personal invitations to the nobility of the land, only to be shocked and dismayed when the invitation is universally refused for the oddest reasons. Who will come to the banquet? Who will celebrate the union of the Prince and his chosen Bride?


A story of excuses, this is an interpretation of Jesus’ parable of the marriage of the King’s Son. The original text is found in Matthew 22 and Luke 14.


Optimistic Beggar

Michael Rae

Dodger, the Pliable Beggar

Daniel Florent

Percy, the Pessimistic Beggar

Rieghardt Van Enter

King of Rapture

Matthew Ardiel

Prince of Rapture

Ryan Hayes

Royal Scribe

Michael Andes

Beniah, the Royal Messenger

Kyle Morton

Duke of Terra

Ken Ardiel

Duke's Guard

Luis Izquierdo Jr.

Countess of Bovine

Barbara Drake

Countess' Wrangler

Ben Van Lare

Marquis of Matrimony

Marco Van Enter

Marchioness of Matrimony

Melissa Snow

Marquis' Guard

Caleb Grunert


Melissa Ashdown, Meghan Drake, Gabriel Florent


Tiffany Grunert, Anthony Hoffman, Rebecca Peris