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The Prospector


Language: English

Runtime: 76 minutes

Year Produced: 2011


In the Gold Rush days the thought on everyone’s mind was: treasure! No one more than Amos, who believes that he may be about to strike it rich! While he is in town weighing a sample of ore Amos hears of another treasure, and is urged to stake his claim where it matters most by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior, and receiving eternal Life. He is warned that treasure of this earth is fleeting, but Life in Christ lasts forever. A bushel of gold? Or riches untold? What will his choice be?


Adapted from a story told by Bro. Branham, this is a tale of heeding God-given warnings, and placing value on eternal things. The original text is from Watchman, What of the Night? preached July 22, 1960, and Why? preached November 26 of the same year. Another more detailed version is found in Thirst preached September 19, 1965.



Matthew Ardiel

Charlie Banks

Ricardo Gonzales


Marco Van Enter

Rev. Jedidiah

Michael Rae


Ken Ardiel


Brianna Naber

Black Jack

Rieghardt Van Enter


Meghan Drake, Tiffany Grunert, Jonathan Frey, Andrew Rivas, Emelie Roy