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I Am Not Ashamed


Language: English

Runtime: 50 minutes

Year Produced: 2000


Little Mary is popular, and pretty. While away at College she finds the good opinion of the crowd addictive. She knows that she is lucky to be alive, after what happened when she was a baby, but the value of her mother’s heroism dims in the lime light she is currently enjoying. The day of reckoning comes for Mary when she and her classmates return home for the holidays, and the other young people jeer at the scarred little wash woman waiting for the train. Seeing her mother through their eyes, will Mary have the courage to identify with the sacrifice that was made for her sake?


Bro. Branham refers to this story several times throughout the message. The original text can be found in the following sermons:


Prodigal 27 August 1950

Why Some People Can’t Keep The Victory 24 March 1957

Show Us The Father And It’ll Satisfy Us 11 June 1953

The Seal Of The Antichrist 11 March 1955

Show Us The Father And It’ll Satisfy 22 April 1956

A Super Sign 27 December 1959


Baby Mary



Corrine Clement

Irene/ Student

Sharon Andes


Michael Rae


Katie Clement

Train Conductor

Matthew Ardiel

Popcorn Vendors

Philip Ashdown

Stephen Kuemper

Firemen/ Students

Aaron Buccholz

Chris Maritz


Hannah LeRoux


Jesse Barrios

Leah Barrios

Tanya Carlisle

Amanda Clement

Caleb Clement

Florence Dooley

Sharon Hunt

Amanda Maritz

Joel Rae