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Tim Coy


Language: English

Runtime: 83 minutes

Year Produced: 2010


After days without water in the desert of Arizona, Tim Coy is overjoyed to stumble across a camp of prospectors who kindly share their provisions. The revelers turn unfriendly, however, when Coy declines sharing their alcohol. The situation looks grim for the young man, but a story, a stranger and a gunshot prove the power of God to save, and protect.


Our fireside story is an adaptation of the tale of Tim (Jack) Coy told by Bro. Branham. The original text is found in several sermons:

Palmerworm, Locust, Cankerworm, Caterpillar June 12, 1953

The Greatest Gift in the Bible August 11, 1957

What Went Ye Out to See? October 1, 1959

Communion February 4, 1962


Tim Coy

Michael Rae


Ricardo Gonzales


Rieghardt Van Enter


Marco Van Enter

Curly Bill

Matthew Ardiel